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Thursday, July 31, 2003  

Yee gods

Our first week assignments have been posted. First official law school panic attack commencing...NOW.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2003  

Bender sings

Speaking of Futurama, a little relevant ditty sang by Bender as the gang attempts to save the Earth from destruction could be a heartening theme for us would-be chick attorneys. It's the opening theme he's created for the 20th century television sitcom "Single Female Lawyer."

Single Female Lawyer
by Bender

Single Female Lawyer
Fighting for her client
Wearing sexy mini-skirts
And being self-reliant!

Wanna listen? Try # 15.

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Law school 'recentlies'

. I picked up my parking pass ($375 for the year) and one of those holds-your-student-id key chains with the MWU emblazoned on it last week.
. My office is tidy, the notebooks are ready and the highlighters have been purchased en masse.
. Today I completed my Big Brother/Big Sister information form, which will serve to match me with an upperclass law student keen, I hope, to proffer advice on my 1L year.
. My tuition bill arrived on Friday bearing a 10 percent (?) increase from last year's costs. Budget woes, ya ken?

Free time, schree time

Gould, a good friend and once-law schooler, warned me yesterday about how busy I'll be when school starts. "Enjoy the free time you have," he said. "You'll be spectacularly busy come August. I hope H is ready."

I have two thoughts on the e-mail. First, I can't imagine there are too many pre-1Ls that aren't keenly waiting for the start of classes and the law school carnival. I must say, however, having a broken appendage and being largely home-bound makes me realize how much I hate being bored. And boy, am I bored. I've been sitting around for 4 weeks now and have scanned television channels incessantly. I've cleaned and cooked. I've organized. I've written, painted, sketched and color penciled in journals, but nothing has made the days go by faster. I am SO ready to be busy again, busy like I was, as H reminds me, in grad school.

I have no illusions that I'll crave laziness and sloth when school starts in a few weeks (less than four, actually) and in limited doses I do a pretty good imiation of a couch potato.* However, I can't imagine being more prepared for the craziness than I am now, being fully rested, well-vitamined and bored out of my mind.

Second, it interests me that Gould would remark that H had better be prepared. I am acquainted with the stresses that law school can place on relationships; Gould and his companion of three years parted company during his 2L year. Our situations are different, though, and H is counting down the days until the semester begins. H wants me out of the house. He wants me to be intellectually challenged, to be busy and to meet people with whom I can share the experience.

"I'm really excited for you to start school," he said. "I can't wait until school starts," he reiterated. "You need a fulfilling project."

Ah, my dear H and his talent for understatement. (And you'll notice he didn't count my current full-time job as a "fulfilling project." For good reason, I say.)

Well, regardless of whether I'm ready or not, the fall semester begins four weeks from yesterday. I'm sure I'll want more free time as the semester chugs on; it's just that I can't stand to have so much right now.

* - Some favorites (in no particular order, except that Futurama and Law & Order trump the others): Law & Order (original, not extra crispy), CSI Miami, CSI (oooh, the science!), Futurama, Insomniac, South Park, Family Guy, Home Movies, The Wire, SITC, and assorted travel, home design and cooking shows. Sounds like I have a bad habit, doesn't it? (And except for that last bunch, kinda sounds like I'm a guy. Not sure what I think about that.)


YEAH, CHARLOTTE!!! She finally grew up. : )

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