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Monday, July 21, 2003  

Meetin' and greetin'

At 3:03 p.m. I exited the elevator with a fellow pre-1L named Cleary and hobbled my way to the banquet tables. MWU hosted an afternoon coffee meet-and-greet for 1Ls2B last week and, as is the nature of excited pre-1Ls, they had apparently all arrived early of the 3:00 p.m. start time. There were two seating options left for me and my single crutch -- a table with one 1L and a couple of professors and a completely empty table. I opted for the former and introduced myself immediately. The student was nice, the professors were kind, and the entire gala -- if brief -- was fun. The 60 or so students that attended seemed to be a generally nice, smart, funny bunch. There wasn't much to the coffee other than introductions of every professor, staff and would-be student there.

Immediately afterward I headed to the campus bookstore to pick up a book or two. No large purchase, just a couple of books to punctuate the meet-and-greet experience. Alas, while the shelves were flush with Epstien and Farnsworth, the maven in charge of stocking the shelves embarassed me to the point of leaving empty-handed.

"You know school doesn't start for another month, right?!" she asked in an accusatory tone.

"Yes, I know. I just thought I'd get a head start," I said, trying to feign a smile.

"Well, you'll be missing out on the Student Bar Association discount if you buy your books now," she added, apparently intent on keeping me from purchasing anything.

"Yes, ma'am. I know. I was only going to buy one or two."

The crone looked me over.

"School doesn't start for five weeks," she repeated, apparently mistaking my enthusiasm for stupidity.

I began to ignore her at this point as H and I began to ruffle through the used books looking for clean copies. I came away with two Torts tomes, both used and unmarked and a stack of legal-margined pads and notebooks that I've been using since I started grad school. I searched in vain for a MWU LAW t-shirt, as the meager store only stocked bright, thickly woven sweatshirts, unappealing in the 95 degree heat.

"You have to learn not to let these things bother you," H said as I (doubly) steamed in the car. "You're about to start law school, and you'll need a thicker skin."

Good advice, I'm sure.

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