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Tuesday, July 15, 2003  

Legal citation

In response to a question by ambimb in the comments on a post below, I thought I'd offer a basic run down of the major players in the legal citation game.

Knowledgeable readers: Feel free to correct me in the comments.

There seem to be two major sources for legal citation. First, The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation is published by the Harvard Law Review Association and, according to the book's site, "is relied upon by legal scholars and practitioners as the definitive source of rules for citation in legal documents and law journals."

Second, the Association of Legal Writing Directors (i.e., ALWD) publishes its own manual on how case law should be cited in both law review articles and legal documents. The ALWD citation manual is apparently intended to remedy "long overdue changes from the Bluebook." MWU 1Ls are required to purchase a copy of the ALWD manual, but not the Bluebook.

To muddy the waters, many states have their own style manuals, probably set out by their respective supreme courts. New Jersey's, for example, is available online. As JCA recently discovered, California also has its own style manual.

States may also have their own "Blue Books," which have nothing at all to do with legal documentation. These are typically government reference manuals containing information about the state and the governmental offices located within its borders. There is also at least one Yellow Book, which provides contact information for legal practitioners from state to state.

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Monday, July 14, 2003  

Thinkin' way too much about Legally Blond 2

For my first crutch-ed foray out of the house in three days, H agreed to accompany me to seeLegally Blond 2. It was awful. The simple, slightly off-beat humor that made Legally Blond so funny (relatively speaking) was seriously lacking in the sequel. While I wouldn't compare LB to Caddyshack -- one of my all-time favorite movies* -- the hack job done in Caddyshack 2 failed similarly to capture the magic of the original.

A sequel failing to live up to the expectations of fans isn't a new story, of course. I had just hoped, however naively, that dear, platinum Elle would have retained some of the enlightenment she attained during her law school experience. Alas, they made her stupid again. I expected the blond jokes to continue, but not to the degree that they overwhelm the little growth that the character achieved in the first movie.

Her Harvard admissions video notwithstanding, Elle succeeded in law school because she learned to work hard while maintaining a strong sense of self. However, she is as ditzy and unaware of the norms of her environment at the beginning of LB2 as she was at the beginning of LB. Further, the moral of LB2 seems to be that while working hard and being kind to outsiders is all well and good, it's good, old-fashioned blackmail and super-inappropriate hairdressing stories that really win the battle in the end.


Having finished the rant, check out Disputation for a different opinion on the movie.

Law school advice

Kudos to JCA for her great summary/discussion of bloggers' advice to 1Ls2B.

* - So I've got that going for me. Which is nice. *hugs to Bill Murray*

I also have one of these going for me, which is less nice.

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