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Friday, July 11, 2003  

I'm still here

Hi, y'all. I'm back from vacation with fond memories and two fifth metatarsal fractures. Fun! I've been stationed on the couch for two weeks now, but should be around next week for actual blog entries.

In the meantime, some law school ephemera:

1. I will be purchasing 15 books in the coming weeks for my five fall semester classes. LRW is by far the books-required leader with 6 texts. And, while the note accompanying my booklist explains that books with the "optional" notation do not have to be purchased, no books on my list bear this notation.
2. No Bluebook for me. We're apparently ALWD citers/citators/citationists.
3. We purchased most of my school supplies list today. Read 'most' as: "the supplies we could gather as I hopped on crutches from aisle to aisle at our local office supply megatore." I hopped, I should note, as the store manager practiced parking the store's Ride'N'Shop cart.

All for now. A good dose of Reese/Elle from a late-night movie awaits.

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