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Friday, June 13, 2003  

School supplies

russel+hazel offers a small, but incredibly well-designed, cache of office/school supplies.

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Could you do it?

Hows about a little hyper-awareness of your spending habits? Try Obsessive Consumption on for size.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003  

Are we confused about the First Amendment?

In this week's Chronicle, Stanley Fish attempts to correct college journalists' assumptions about free speech, the First Amendment and university newspapers. The First Amendment, Fish argues, does not guarantee that an individual's comments will be published and does not obligate any particular media outlet to do so. Rather, the First Amendment protects guarantees that an individual has the right to make the political statements of her choosing, ensuring that "she cannot be compelled to an affirmation she does not endorse."

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Online stimulation

Intellectually/aesthetically stimulating somethings to do online as the summer months move along...

1. How about a 4D Rubik's cube? Shuffle and unshuffle at your leisure. Link via Idle Type
2. Some good tunes to keep you company, from NOLA's WWOZ.
3. If you're looking for visual fulfillment, scroll through the solipsistic gazette's archives.
4. Shop for recently-released fiction and non-fiction books by browsing their first chapters, which are offered up by the NYTimes.
5. Explore the Smithsonian's collections by searching its online library database.
6. Dive into the daily Washington Post crossword puzzle. Mini-registration required. The 'Daily Playfour' is particularly fun.
7. Discover Magazine offers a series of articles/games under the Neuroquest moniker intended to educate about certain, usually strange, components of our cognitive makeups.
8. Have you had your Daily Candy?

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003  


The official snack of liable. Just 'cause.

EDITED: Apparently the product IDs at CajunGrocer are not static. I was attempting to link to Zapp's "Cajun Crawtator" potato chips (scroll down page) , which are crawfish-flavored. Crawfish flavored.

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What to say, what to say. I've read nothing law school related recently, I've done no preparatory studying. We're planning a vacation in a couple of weeks, the first H and I have taken together in two years. We tread through the days, waiting for the moment we can spring loose from our little midwestern burg and head toward the sunny south. Our vacation will be hot and physically exhausting, but, with any luck, emotionally and mentally refreshing. We've planned cocktail sprees, informational tours, lounging and lots of driving. We'll be away from jobs, in-laws, school fears and, for at least six days, computers. No sand-and-sea encounters, unfortunately, but we'll get fairly close. Certainly closer than living in land-locked _______.

Still two weeks to go until we leave, cramming our gear into our tiny, fuel-efficient car for the drive. Until then, we languish.

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