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Friday, May 30, 2003  


Purses made of books! Purses made of books!

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Damnable blogger

What a pain. My apologies to those having trouble accessing the site.

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Chatting up a 2L2B

H and I saw an acquaintance, Julie, last night at a function hosted by my current employers. She, an ex-graphic designer with the same firm, has just completed her 1L year at MWU and will begin a crimlaw summer associateship next week. Apologizing for the excessive verve that accompanies any discussion I have about law school -- "I'm sorry, Julie. It's just that I'm filled with this mix of terror and elation about school starting and I can't seem to not talk about it!" -- I grilled her on my professorial dance card. She hadn't had any of the professors, but said Prof. Intro bases his class on content very different from the other Intro classes. She also warned me about his exams:

"He likes to use questions that are wholly unrelated to the material he stresses in class."

Eh, par for the course, I imagine. Anything else?

"You don't have to read for Prof. LRW's class."

Good to know. At that point, Julie, who apparently was scholarship-worthy, left us to continue mingling.

I have to admit, I felt mildly nostalgic at the party, which will be my last before I leave the firm to prepare for school. It was a nostalgia less based on my desire to continue my relationship with the firm, than on thoughts of what might have been, of the potential that existed for me to have had a fulfilling experience there. Alas, it was not meant to be. I'll leave with gratitude for the things I've learned, some sadness that I wasn't able to enjoy the brighter parts of firm life and that terror-elation cocktail rumbling in my stomach.

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1. I'm eating an orange that tastes rather watermelon-ish. Weird, but cool.
2. Julie has taken on an compelling project.
3. I want this little, red suitcase.
4. I splurged and bought some of the Clarins Lait tanner today. I'm hoping to avoid orange streakiness, as I avoid what H calls "the baked-potato look" achieved from basking in commercial tanning salons.
5. Biro. Biro on evolution.
6. I've considered starting a collection of assorted handwritten items that the residents of my midwestern burg deposit (presumably accidentally) around town. Keaggy's gotten started on grocery lists.


The NYTimes (free registration required) reports on the use of technology in courtrooms.

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