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Friday, April 25, 2003  

Mata Hari, kind of

The self-effacing, but brilliantly-careered Daphne Park is a lady I'd like to meet. Link from Arts + Letters Daily

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Thin envelope

I was dinged at Georgetown. Not surprising, of course, but I still had the tiniest flicker of hope that the admissions committee would see past my LSAT score and examine my UGPA, GGPA, GGPA and work experience. Ah, if only I had taken the LSAT again...


The life of liable has been a flurry of activity lately -- long hours at work, assorted brunches (a springtime ritual, I suppose), preparing for the Derby (Baffert, Lukas or Frankel, anyone?), planning a vacation, making financial plans for next year. I could, by the way, sum the latter in a report entitled "I Would Prefer Not to Eat Ramen Every Day During the 03-04 School Year."

My office is completely prepared, my desk well-lit and my reading area comfy. All I lack now is a book list, a class schedule and a shoulder-crushing load of fear.

And now for something completely different

Did anyone watch Helen of Troy last night? I saw the last few minutes and, aside from the terrific violence, was fairly intrigued. The horse was amazing. Very well-crafted CGI, that.

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And you thought law school was humiliating?

At least you're not this poor fellow.

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