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Friday, April 04, 2003  


I've gone from allergic reaction to full-blown illness, so I'll be taking a couple days off. Good luck to the pre-laws who are in the midst of making their final decisions.

- mgmt.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2003  

Random crap, okay? (Not that I'm asking for permission.) Okay?

The air outside is uncharacteristically hot and stagnant, and yet warm air still pumps from the radiators in our little state-controlled building. My shoes are too tight, I'm bored at my job and there's too much $@#& windblown pollen in the air. *cough*

It's hot + I'm bothered = blech. [Granted, on a scale of miserable living conditions mine would only qualify as "barely inconvenient," but it's enough to push me into a little funk.]

I'm now going to entertain myself with a post o' fluff.

1. The world is full of stupid people. To wit: "We live in a reign of error." (link from arts + letters daily)
2. I want one of these with my name and "Midwestern Law" typed neatly across the bottom of each page, but can't justify the cost ($45). Still, the thought makes me feel so...studious.
3. If it actually lasts 10 days, this would be *great,* but it doesn't seem to be available in our little midwestern burg quite yet.
4. Americans are not overly litigious. We're just overly stupid. (link by obscure store)
5. The official *liable* dress. The official *liable* shoes. (Just don't wear them together.)
6. Why are tropical flora so in this year?
7. I wish I would have taken the LSAT twice and applied to Emory, UVA (where I was admitted, but chose not to attend as a grad student) or Vandy.
8. Have your daily whirl.
9. I'll probably order no. 2 next week.
10. (cont. from no. 8) or fauna?
11. The official *liable* floral bouquet.

As the above post might suggest (and as previous ones certainly have), I like stuff. I don't own too much of it, I don't aspire to own too much of it, but I am fascinated by it. Maybe it's the appeal of the new new thing, but I find something very intriguing about simple, yet innovative, items -- whether it be clothing, electronics, beauty aids, etc. There. That should justify my materialism.

I'm done now.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2003  

Not yet a law student

I guess blogger's working again. Makes my comments from yesterday rather prescient.

I called the financial aid office about the missing money. As it turns out, my previous enrollment at MWU as a graduate student [I have 1.75 graduate degrees] has muddied my registration file. They gave me federal aid accounting for the cost of graduate level tuition, which is significantly cheaper than the 18 hours that will be required of me next fall.

Unfortunately, the financial aid officer [Colleen, maybe?] was not terribly helpful.

"You'll need to work this out with the law school and the graduate school," she said.

I paused. "Okay. Can you suggest who I might start with?"

"Try someone in the law school," she suggested. "Oh, and make sure you get back to me once it's all figured out."

Once I've figured it out? I'm not even on campus. Don't the various offices at MWU -- particularly the law schol and the main financial aid office -- communicate in some way regarding students' files? Evidently not.

Anyway, Bonnie quickly figured out the problem. Longish story slightly shorter, my deposit has not yet been entered into the system, so the financial aid office works on the only enrollment/admissions information that they have.

"You graduate students!" said the friendly law school admissions staffer with a laugh. "You're just always messing things up!"

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Monday, March 31, 2003  

Going solo

I'm thinking about leaving blogspot for a moveable type or blogspot*pro set-up -- something without ads that I can visually customize. I'm open to purchasing hosting space and then using mt to organize the actual blogging, but I'm more than a little indimiated by the mt installation instructions. I'm more interested in arranging the *look* of the blog than the administration of it, but either way I want a national web hosting service -- I'm not keen on our regional service providers. If all else fails, I could just skip the software, rent some server space and code the blog myself, although I'm afraid that an organizationally-onerous system might diminish my desire to post.

I should note that I'm a mac user, in case that matters. Also, I wouldn't need e-mail addresses, e-commerce options or over 50 mb of space.

Any suggestions?

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We feel your pain

To the googler who found liable by searching for 'what+to+do+if+waitlisted+for+law+school', the pre-law blawg community feels for you. Good luck in your decision-making process!

- liable

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One load to our community donation center and six piles of trash later, we have cleaned out our garage and office. Among other things, we sifted through boxes of 1980s receipts belonging to my mom-in-law, green glass drinking goblets, pounds of papers relating to H's graduate work, at least 15 yearbooks and diploma-holding portfolios and two boxes full of neatly-organized spray paint cans. I'll spare details of the dust, leaves and tiny, scurrying critters that also punctuated the exercise. Having moved an enormous L-shaped desk out of our small home and moved a smaller, dark wood model into its own corner of the office, I now have a tidy study space ready for the fall. Organizing the desk -- pencil cup, cute sticky pads, spiral paper clips -- was a truly Martha moment. I love (and crave) organization. Sadly, H wouldn't let me buy one of these, which I think would have made the day *really* special in a slighly obsessive-compulsive kinda way.

Mail call

I received a tee from school no. 2 in the mail this weekend. That was a mood booster. Still no action on my GULC application (online status listed as "complete") and no word on because-someone-else-declined scholarships from MWU or school no. 6. I checked my online status at MWU and it does list a financial aid offer, though, comprised of a federal, unsubsidized direct loan that doesn't amount to the maximum that I can borrow.

Why do financial aid officers think that someone's 2002 adjusted gross income is somehow indicative of their income for the 2003-04 school year? A note to financial aid officers: We don't get to work our first year of law school, so you can ignore last year's AGI. I suppose they believe that H and I planned ahead and actually *saved* money amounting to our expected family contribution, but alas, we did not. Too busy preparing in other ways. Read: Responsibly addressing existing debt. For examples of irresponsible, but surprisingly effective, ways to manage your nasty Prada habit, read here.

Still, I knew I wouldn't receive need-based aid and since I completed the FAFSA in January, I wondered why I hadn't heard from them about an offer. So, it's good to know. Now I suppose I'll wait until I get the official letter and then hound the aid office to increase my student loan amount so that we can afford Lawry's for the ramen noodles we'll no doubt be eating next year. But ya know what? I won't be sitting at this desk, staring at this screen, bored out of my mind. Wahoo!

GULC decision shortcut

For any of you who happened to apply to GULC and are waiting for your decision (or, at this point in the process, your rejection), there's a pseudo-shortcut. Once your online status check moves from "complete" to "decision," try to log into the GULC admitted students site. If you can log on, you're undoubtedly in. If you can't log on,you probably aren't in, although I'm not sure how long it would take to update this system once the status check system is updated.


JCA's great oral argument was in her moot court seminar, not LRW. At MWU, the oral takes place during the second half of the LRW class, which is why I got confused. I should also say good luck to the rest of the 1Ls out there who are currently undertaking/prepping for their oral arguments. Best wishes!

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