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Friday, March 28, 2003  


A hearty congratulations to JCA, who performed spectacularly during Thursday's LWR oral argument. We knew you'd do well!

: )

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Thursday, March 27, 2003  

Poor excuse for social commentary

I know the song is really awful, by the way. I was in a mood. Feel free to make fun.

Mail call

Nothing in the mail today. No snappy t-shirts or last-minute scholarship offers.

Are you bored at work?

Why, yes. I am.

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"[Law school applications] Nowadays"

(Sung to the tune of "Nowadays" from Chicago, with apologies to Bob Fosse)

It's tough isn't it
hard isn't it
bad isn't it
grim isn't it
dark isn't it

There's applicants everywhere
High LSATs everywhere
Good grades everywhere
(A recession everywhere)
Pre-laws everywhere

You'd better like the school you're attending
(You can't attend the school you'd like)
Just hope you can give your money
To a school that's not only online

And that's tough isn't it
hard isn't it
bad isn't it
grim isn't it
dark isn't it
But nothing stays...

In fifty years or so
It's gonna change, you know
But, oh, it's hellish

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003  

T-shirt mania

I had read a pr board note yesterday from a student who got a t-shirt in the mail from one of the safety schools to which I had applied. No t-shirt from them for me, at least not yet, but I did get a t-shirt yesterday from one of my other safety schools. I had actually sent e-mails Monday declining scholarships and admissions offers from these and two other safety schools, but I suppose the tee was already in the mail. It was a neat surprise. To me, the law school logo flotsam (t-shirts, pens, etc.) are one of the high points of applying to law school. (This from the girl who has visited the MWU bookstore three times looking for a "MWU College of Law" decal for her car. Alas, there are none to be found.)

One note on the pr boards: they are not for faint of heart regional school applicants. Although applicants who discuss regional school admissions offers tend to get supportive, congratulatory e-mails, the bulk of the discussions (as I have alluded to before) involve students who are deciding between top 14 schools with maybe a tier two thrown in for the heck of it. The pr boards are the place where accepting a scholarship from UVA or Cornell, relatively speaking, grazes the bottom of the barrel.

I spoke to the friend of a friend yesterday about MWU. (Let's call him Joe.) Joe made a very convincing argument about its assets, particularly the academic credentials of its faculty, many of whom are ivy leaguers. (Irony, much, that a regional school is acceptable largely by virtue of the fact that its faculty are from better institutions?) He is clearly very fond of the school, if not in part because he is an adjunct.

"I wouldn't involve myself with the school if I didn't love it," Joe said. "I certainly don't do the work for the money."

Joe was also much more optimistic about the graduates' employment possibilities, if a little naive about the need to take out loans to pay for school.

"You should stay away from loans, and I'm sure you can pay for school with cash if you're careful."

While I appreciated the advice, what a joke! Such an unrealistic idea, if not only because tuition has increased eight-fold since Joe was in school. H and I have been preparing ourselves over the last year to get our finances in better shape for school, but we are still a young couple, recently married on the low end of the pay scale totem poles. Its simply not realistic for us to even imagine that we can plunk down $5,000 a semester in cash for tuition. Maybe after a good summer of clerking (should that opportunity present itself), but certainly not now.

Anywho, despite the unrealistic financial advice, it was a great talk. Good reviews of the school's faculty, administrators and intellectual atmosphere. I'm feeling better...

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Tuesday, March 25, 2003  

No news

Rather a slow weekend and week for law school info. Unless some last minute scholarship money turns up at school no. 6, I'm in for the long haul at MWU. I learned yesterday that my GULC app is complete, so I'll be getting that rejection letter in the mail any day now. Leave it to me to apply to law school in the midst of an economic recession and application boom. I'll be having a meeting later this week with a friend of a friend who is an adjunct at MWU Law. He wants to give me the "Why You Should Attend MWU" speech. I guess a little recruiting is better than no recruiting, but at this point MWU seems inevitable, so I'm not sure it's really worth either of our time. I spoke to H, who also knows him, about this.

"Oh, but it's worth your peace of mind," he said with a knowing look.


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