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Friday, February 21, 2003  

Love on the rocks...

There have been a handful of law school + love (or its physical manifestations) stories recently. Some sort of Valentine's Day hangover, I suppose...

. Statutory Date: The Laws of Love Cannot Be Regulated, Even at School by Dahlia Lithwick (
. Forbidden Love Challenges Rules in China by Philip Pan (Washington Post)
. Romance is in the Air: Kathyrn Janeway blogs about fiery lawschoolove (Tuesday, Feb. 18 entry)
. A more general link: check out "Commandment #10 - Throw the Fight at Home" in William Slomanson's 1L Survival Guide

Thanks to jd2b for links.

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Your chances of admission

Ambimb asked in a comment on the post below where pre-laws can check their chances of admission to certain schools; I should clarify that the system doesn't rank an LSAC user's chances specifically, it simply uses a UGPA/LSAT calculation to make a general. Since this might be of interest to many pre-laws, I thought I'd post the directions here.

1. Open the LSAC web site.
2. Click on the Official Guide to ABA-approved law schools link.
3. Under the Search Law Schools category, click on LSAC data search.
4. Enter your LSAT and GPA, select "Estimate likelihood of 2001 admission to selected law schools," and click "Search on all law schools."
5. When the page loads, in the upper right-hand corner will be a link to "Your estimated likelihood." Clicking on this link will pull up a list of all ABA-approved law schools and a range indiciating your chances of admission. The estimates, per LSAC, are based on the acceptance levels of 2001 applicants with similar GPA/LSAT scores.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2003  

Only so much

Given that my relationship to law school exists solely in the e-mails and letters exchanged between assorted schools and myself, I'm realizing that there's only so much a pre-law student can blog about. I'm protective of my anonymity at the moment and haven't opted to delve into more personal posts, virtually none of which would relate to law school anyway. So, apologies to the bored...

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Where's them scholarships?

It's been two weeks since I last contacted "Joe" in the admissions/financial aid office at MWU. At that time, he alluded to the current economic crisis that is plaguing many states around the nation.

"As a public institution, we are in the process of evaluating how much money we can give to new students," Joe said. "Thanks for being patient!"

I haven't heard anything from MWU since then and, most likely, will not hear anything for a few weeks yet. Of course, I'm still waiting for admissions decisions from three of eight schools, which precludes my sending a deposit check to MWU. However, MWU's deposit deadline (April 1, I think?) is looming on the horizon. My solid GPA but only-slightly-above-average LSAT place me on the MWU scholarship bubble; I'm the Gonzaga of scholarship applicants. While I understand MWU's fiscal situation, I would appreciate an answer.

That's not entirely true. I would appreciate a scholarship.

In the mean time

Some pleasant distractions...

. America's Cup - Will NZ lose the cup?
. Buffy
. Watership Down

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"Epidemic of lawyers" opt to volunteer

In "Volunteerism Among Lawyers Surges, Encouraged by Slumping Economy," the NY Times reports today that attorneys are increasingly willing to participate in pro bono work (free registration required).

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Tuesday, February 18, 2003  

Throwing caution to the wind

Ambimb has reported that Georgetown has extended its application deadline until March 1, 2003.

And so I applied.

LSAC reports my chances of admission in the 24% - 31% range. I'm pretty confident in receiving a rejection letter sometime in the coming weeks, but contrary to the advice of some, I only plan on applying to law schools once. I figured I might as well give the GULC application a whirl. (And I had an extra paid-for-but-not-yet-needed LSAC report available.) I'd love to be accepted and, given my interest in policy, I'd love to attend law school in D.C., but of course I'm not getting my hopes up. It's fun to be a GULC applicant, either way...

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