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Wednesday, February 05, 2003  


Chills. Fever. Sore throat. Queasy tummy.

Must. go. home.

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Tuesday, February 04, 2003  

More num-yums

. pocky
. sherlock holmes (a flame rekindled after seeing this)
. the sockdog phenomenon
. worldmarket goodness (i had no idea until recently that this store existed.)

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Applications everywhere ...

The Calfornia Aggie reports on the boom in law school applications.

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One more thought...

Regarding the post below, I should note that the pre-law student quoted in the original article -- the individual who said she wanted to attend law school for the money -- had planned her career in order to provide financial security for her family.

Lest my post come across as overly self-righteous, I wanted to acknowledge the fact that hers is a much prettier position on the money issue than my own comments re: shiny audis.

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Motivations & Success - Redux

Mr. Oman makes the following comment in reference to my initial motivation and success post:

I deliberately chose law over other fields because I thought it would be more interesting ... However, I still find that my performance on issue spotters is random. I can't figure out the difference between my A tests and my B- ones.

That scares me down to my bones. Shouldn't it be the articulate people, the thoughtful people, that get the *fabulous* grades?

I think in some super-snotty imaginary world in my head, it is only these I-want-to-be-intellecutally-fulfilled types who get the grades, make law review, get the clerkships and the great jobs. The I'm-doing-it-for-the-moneys flail about in the bottom tiers of the class, begging the others for help and regretting their greediness.

Of course, the Liable in this imaginary little world ignores her materialistic daydreams of owning the toys, the beachfront property, the first editions and the works of self-taught artists. Instead, she pretends to enjoy apartment life, two-door cars and paycheck-to-paycheck living and the thought of spouting progressive policy statements for $25K a year after law school while shouldering $80K in student loans.

Ultimately, its my need for predictability that drives my need to believe in this version of the 'motivation = success' formula. I like knowing where I stand, knowing that if I'm going to put in scores of hours of hard work I'm going to see a return on that investment. There should be a causal relationship between being motivated to excel in law school because you *love the law* (or good policy, or helping people, or being intellectually fulfilled, etc.) and actually excelling, and it frightens me that blawgers who post articulate, thoughtful entries offer evidence that this relationship doesn't hold.

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Terminally ill seeking euthanasia head for Switzerland

The NY Times (free registration required) has a story today on the "suicide tourism" market that is growing in Switzerland as terminally ill patients visit the nation in order to make use of its liberal euthanasia laws.

The act of 'googling'

The Boston Globe reports in "A Nation of Voyeurs" on the practice of googling our friends and neighbors.

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Monday, February 03, 2003  

Motivations = success?

Check out A Mad Tea-Party where Alice responds to my Friday post: Is law school success influenced by your motivations to attend?

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I put a call in to an admission's counselor at MWU (again, the MidWestern University to which I've applied) to get the final word on whether or not I'll be offered a scholarship of some sort. (Let's assume not at this point.) It's a relatively cheap school, but without the free money I'll have to take out loans for room + board and tuition, which is difficult for me to justify with three other scholarship offers on the table. I can imagine leaving the midwest to take at least one of those offers, but H. is not keen to move anywhere right now. (And, to be honest about it, the cost of living would be so much more expensive in the scholarship-offer city that it might negate the scholarship).

[When you place an entire sentence in parentheses, where does the punctuation mark go?]

I'll hopefully find out something today. I'm not keen on these gray-ish areas.

Second guessing?

My subconscious has now begun a full-fledged campaign to have me rethink my decision to attend law school. I have dreams at least a couple of nights a week revolving around the "beginning school again" theme. In many cases, I have returned to my undergraduate university to begin some new degree. However, in most of these dreams, I'm concurrently in the middle of a semester at some other institution, and I remember that I have forgotten to attend most of those classes. [Insert general text anxiety emotions here.] The crux of the dream comes as I assess whether or not its really necessary to begin another degree, and most of the time I end up reminding myself that I have a couple already.

I think it would be accurate to say that my enthusiasm for attending law school has waned since I began planning for it in August of 2002. I think this is largely due to the fact that I have passed the "Oooh, I'm going to law school" stage and am now entering the "wow, this is going to be really hard" stage. Not that I doubted how hard it would be, mind you. It's just that I'm a little, well, prissy about my grades, so I'm working on adjusting my mental GPA chronometer. Hmmph. I also question whether or not I really want to sit at a desk churning out briefs all day, but then I remind myself (or H. does, actually) that this is certainly not the only way to utilize a law degree, as I've even alluded to here before.

I'm going to stop whining now. It's much too early in the week for this...

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