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Friday, January 31, 2003  

Lobbying links

Advocacy and Public Policymaking (a Penn State polisci project)
Registered Federal Lobbyist database (from the Center for Responsive Politics)
Political Advocacy Groups Directory (from CalState)
State special interest groups (from Project Vote Smart - click on "Special Interest Groups")

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Pre-laws in it for the $$$ has posted a story entitled "Entering Attitudes" in which pre-law students are queried about their motivations to study law.

Says one: "With law school, I'm just three years away from $120,000."

Says another: "Well that's part of the reason I'm going: to find out why I'm going."

Is there a relationship between an individual's motivations for attending law school and his or her success in it?

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Changes to Title IX considered

The NYTimes reports that the Bush administration's Commission on Opportunity in Athletics has recommended several changes to the rules and regs that guide schools' compliance with Title IX restrictions. The recommendations are generally designed to hedge a "further loss of programs" in men's athletics and involve the manner in which the size of men's and women's programs is calculated. However, "the commission tied on a vote ... that would have changed the basis [of proportionality calculations] from the current requirement — that the percentage of women in athletics mirrors the enrollment, which at colleges nationally is 56 percent — to 50-50." The article goes on to note that women comprise 42 percent of college athletes.

H., who was an athlete, and I have had many generally unpleasant conversations about Title IX. From his perspective, the administration of Title IX regulations has one primary result -- the dismantling of men's athletic teams. (Swimming and diving seem to be particularly at risk, at least here in the midwest). While I think he appreciates the underlying goal of the statute -- namely that women should be given collegiate athletic opportunities -- he does not support the sacrifice of existing men's teams in order to do so. He thinks that fault lies largely with the fact that football teams are included when assessing gender proportionality, as football teams make up by far the largest teams in collegiate athletics. There is not a women's sport that comes close in size, so the men often have to give up other programs in order to approach the proportionality rule.

While I'm not ready to give up on Title IX as a general rule, I think taking football out of the calculation makes complete sense. [And I would appreciate hearing others' thoughts on this idea.] There is not -- and I can't imagine there soon will be -- a way to find equality within athletics as long as football is included in the Title IX restrictions, largely because women aren't going to band together and form collegiate football teams of their own, or any other sport of football's magnitude for that matter. Leftist though I may be, I'm equally big on logical statutory administration. Including football doesn't make sense.

Free registration required to read NYTimes stories, by the way.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2003  

Music to study by

I seem to have made a convincing argument that running down the batteries on my laptop is a foul enough side effect of using the CD player while studying next year. Thusly, I have procured one of these. It is to be my Valentine's Day present, my birthday present from H., and my birthday present from my parents. Was it worth it?

Ohhhh, yes.

I got one of these to keep it happy, and (since the iskin doesn't cover the screen or wheel), I, in my forementioned crafty mode, made a blanket-stitched, felt pocket to place it in so it can be safely transported.

Sweet little ipod.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2003  

State of the Union Phun

Don't miss tonight's exciting opportunity for silly games and bacchanalian revelry:
State of the Union bingo
State of the Union drinking game

If you opt for the latter, take the suggestions at the bottom of the page to heart and select a *light* beverage...

Neat craftiness

I'm in a crafty place right now -- hormones, nesting and/or stress relief -- and will be adding links to some neat blogs that ID others' martha or not-so-martha crafty projects.

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Monday, January 27, 2003  

Been gone. Coming back?

I've been gone for a while. It was a nice break, although one that prompted me to seriously consider why I started this blog in the first place. My conclusion: Besides the obvious navel-gazing, I think I needed some connection to the 1L-2L-3L world. The decision to attend law school was a big one for me; I had considered it briefly in the past, but ultimately decided (for a variety of reasons) that it wasn't for me. Even after I took the LSAT, I told almost no-one about my decision other than close friends and family. Only a couple of people in my workplace are aware of the leap I'm about to take. During the break, I think I became more comfortable with my decision, so I haven't felt compelled to return to the blog...

As to how long I'll continue doing this, I'm not sure. It certainly filled a need that I had at the time. We'll see ...

In other news

While I've not heard any scholarship news from MWU, I have received admissions and scholarship offers from three of the five schools to which I had applied. For those of you doing the math, that leaves one school from which I haven't heard anything at all. Per a discussion with H., I also decided to apply to a couple of other out-of-state schools that would provide interesting leaving-our-current-domicile options. Those apps just went in last week, so it will be at least a few weeks before any offers could be made from them.

I'm a bit frustrated with MWU for not offering scholarship info by now. (I did receive an invitation to attend an open house in late February; I'll probably RSVP for that next week.) I'd like to attend MWU, but I'm not willing to turn down other offers until I've heard definitively whether I'll receive an MWU scholarship or not. I assume, per a recent e-mail from the admissions office, that they will be making decisions in the next couple of weeks. The thing is, even if MWU does make an offer, it will no doubt be dwarfed by the other three offers I've received. MWU is relatively inexpensive because of differences between resident/non-resident tuition and public/private institution factors, which makes the other scholarship offers seem quite nice and cushy. Frankly, the other schools' desire to have me attend seem a very attractive option when measured against MWU nonchalance.

Could I be less articulate right now? Better end this before I completely lose my ability to speak coherent english...kinda nice to be back, though.

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