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Friday, December 06, 2002  

"Seemingly valueless degrees"

For the sake of clarification, I thought I would post the note below. I posted something similar to the comment board for the "MWU Slowness" post when someone questioned my use of the phrase "valueless degree."

My point [in referring to a "valueless degree" in the MWU post] was not to underestimate the value of the education that could be received, but rather the ability of an individual to actually procure gainful employment from having a degree from a lower-tier school. I would imagine that a student could receive a solid legal education from virtually any degree-granting institution in the country; at least, that seems to be the case within graduate schools. Thus, I would not assume that someone was less able to litigate because they received a degree from a low-tier school. However, I wonder about the willingness of firms, agencies, or even judges to hire someone from a lower-tier school when there are also higher-tier applicants, especially in a tight job market. The sloppy use of the term "valueless degree" was solely meant to reflect the job market situation. And, perhaps this is reflect ignorance on my part of the characteristics that firms seek when hiring. I'm sure that it stems from my fear of entering into a difficult, demanding legal education and not being able to achieve gainful employment and care for my family afterwards. Either way, I meant no offense to students, alumni or faculty of lower-tier schools; I'm probably pretty likely to be one.

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Thursday, December 05, 2002  

Sketch (two)

The house was dark and quiet, and they centered themselves in their activities. She was in the bedroom, cross-legged on a grey-green quilt, folding a piece of white paper into a fan of mountains. He was in the kitchen, humming quietly, grinding a mezza luna across a pile of macadamia nuts. It felt, in its peace, like later in the evening, after the others (in their houses) had retired. He cleared his throat, wondered about tomorrow's meeting and considered what might change.

She placed the folded paper on the floor, uncrossed her legs and pulled the blanket up to her chin.

"Are you finished?" she asked quietly. To her surprise, the question was loud enough to reach him.

"Almost," he answered. "I'll be right there."

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A few color changes, a bit of blog-sweeping. The change brightens things up, I think. Now I'm one with the chair, or a nice red mini...

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Comments redux

They've been tweaked. Comment away...

Fourth-tier school

After some research (which I should have done earlier), I discovered that free application school #4 is actually a lower-tier school. (Yes, I'm working from the U.S. News law school rankings, and I'm aware of their problems). I had completed the very simple online application before I discovered this fact, so I may not actually pay for an additional LSDAS report. The economy is going to be hard enough on second-tier students, much less the bottom quartile. I think I'll skip that one, so I suppose I should call and ask to withdraw my application...

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I'm not sure I like the formatting in the comment box, so I will tweak soon.

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The time has come, I suppose, to talk about the act of blogging. Although I've only been doing this for a month, I have come to value it as one of my most important creative outlets. Frankly, it's nice to feel part of a small, but creative and intelligent, online community.

However, being a fairly private person (yes, I see the irony, thanks), one of the most important conditions in beginning this venture has been my ability to retain some sense of anonymity. I don't fear being "found out," per se. H is very much aware of this site and reads frequently, or so he says. Most friends and family members hear these rants telephonically, so nothing here would surprise them. The problem is that I'm not sure that I want one particular individual in my life to find this site. She is, for better or worse, an important figure in my life right now. And I'm quite sure that she would not take kindly to being written about, especially since she is the only character thus far whose appraisal was less than kind, slow admissions offices and elected officials excepted.

So, I removed a couple of site references to her, hoping that this will alleviate some fears on my end. But I can't shake the feeling of dishonesty (a) from making changes to posts I've written and (b) by leaving out important characters/activities in my life that have affected my application to law school...

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MWU slowness

I e-mailed an admissions representative from MWU yestserday. He informed me that the admissions committee has not even begun reviewing applications. ("We haven't admitted anyone yet!") Apparently they're a smidge behind their we'll-begin-reviewing-the-first-week-of-November plan. Oh, well. At least I can better manage my expectations now, which is a bit of an issue for me.

I received another invite to apply free via snail mail yesterday, and I'm debating this one. (There have been two waivers that I've ignored, both from law schools so far down the rankings chain that I'm not sure their liberally-offered scholarships are worth the seemingly valueless degree.) Although the application fee is waived, LSDAS still takes in $12 per application in order to make my report accessible to the school, and I've already tossed $44 their way just for reports; I'm not sure if I'll keep doing that if the chance I'll actually attend any of these schools is slim. On the other hand, always good to keep the options open...

The decision point might be an e-mail from a colleague of sorts. I don't know much about this latest law school, which is situated in a fairly large, northerly-midwestern city. I did, however, do some work for one of the professors from the university; he publicized some vita-padding work to grad students, an offer that I accepted last year. I contacted him to find out if he's at all familiar with the school. However, as is the way with professors from other areas in the ivory tower, he may not know much. We'll see.

Creative conception

From Salon: "Mobster, wife, indicted in sperm smuggling"

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Wednesday, December 04, 2002  

Admit me!

Will someone please admit me to law school this week? Please?!

Gads. I am so impatient.

If (a) my application was complete at MWU in October and (b) they have a rolling admissions process, can I send an e-mail to the admissions office and ask when they'll begin making decisions? The prissy/mannerly voice in the back of my head says the office would be annoyed, as I'm surely not the only one beginning to pester them. On the other hand, did I mention that I'm impatient?


Lessons to be learned

"... which is a very strange and troubling thing if you think about it, so don't think about it."
-- Jonathan Safran Foer, Everything is Illuminated (italics added)

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...have been enabled. Leave a note if you care to.

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Monday, December 02, 2002  

HP update

TLC reports that they will begin accepting donations for Sotheby's/Book Aid through PayPal on Tuesday, December 3.

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Make a difference, get a sneak peak

For any financially-independent Harry Potter fans that might be reading, the guys and gals at The Leaky Cauldron have formed a non-profit corporation through which you can make a donation Book Aid International. Of course, it's not just about the charity; the money will first go through Sotheby's, which is preparing to auction a card penned by author J.K. Rowling that holds 93 secret words relating to the eventually-to-be-released 5th HP book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. If enough money is raised by HP fans through "Leaky, Inc.," to win the card at its December 12 auction, they will release the contents of the card through the TLC web site. Leaky is not yet ready to take donations, but you can check this site for updates. (Note that the auction will take place next week, so keep checking the TLC page for updated donation information.)

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Nigella deconstructs Thanksgiving

From the NY Times: "A Feast to Follow the Feast." (free registration required)

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One more application won't hurt

I received and completed one more application for which the fee was waived because of my LSAT performance. Rather a joke (my LSAT performance, I mean), but a free application nonetheless. That brings the total number of schools applied to to four: three free applications plus MWU. I'm not sure that I would want to attend any of the free schools, as I don't think that moving would be the right decision for H and I right now. I suppose I am open to considering scholarship offers, though, should any be directed my way. Given my LSAT score, I'd have to think that the scholarship would be based on my undergrad and grad school work, as well as my resume.

I should be getting a decision from MWU, which has a rolling admissions policy, within the next 2-3 weeks. I'd like a nice big tuition scholarship for Christmas, please.


Thanks to Sua Sponte, unbillable hours and a mad tea-party for the (sua sponte) links!

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