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Wednesday, November 13, 2002  

A sketch
He considered himself a professional. Cool, level-headed, calm. He performed his duties because they were his to perform; nothing more, nothing less. He was precisely competent. Sure, the situations were weighty ones. And to him, they never lost that sense of gravity. But he was simply carrying out his duties, as his supervisors and his conscious required of him. State by state, as his career developed, the envelope of professionalism in which he operated expanded as others pulled at its corners, relying upon his expertise and asking for his advice. He "knew" things, had "seen" things, was familiar with "protocols" and "processes." He put aside his emotions, placed them in sealed plastic bags and stuffed them in the under-corners of his desk, in heavy law books, in the niches of bookshelves. At the end of each week, he would empty them out, pour them into tiny, thick, black-bound, clean-sheeted notebooks, which would become smeared with the ink of cheap ballpoint pens. (He bought those by the boxload.) By Monday, all was well. He was ready. They were ready for him.

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List One - Law School Application Stats...

For better or worse...
Undergrad GPA: 3.92 (36 classes on a trimester system)
Grad GPA (school 1): 4.0 (36 credit hours)
Grad GPA (school 2): 3.67 (9 credit hours)
LSAT: 159
Hours of sleep before LSAT: 4
No. of sections flaked-out on: 1
Time spent seated in the exam room (all test takers) before the LSAT administrators actually began the test adminstration (including instructions): 1.5 hours
Diff. between actual score and average on 7 practice tests: -7 points
Law schools applied to: 1 midwestern, state-sponsored university (Let's call it "MidWestern U.")
Chance of admission (via LSAC): Around 99%
Chance of scholarship (via admissions counselor): Competitive
Approximate rank of university: Probably in the 50-75 range among ABA-approved schools (second tier)
Amount of time second LSAT registration considered: Handful of hours
Number of additional LSATs registered-for: Zero.
Approximate number of days until admissions decision at MWU: 39

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Sunday, November 10, 2002  

"Bill Clinton, everyone. He's Jimmy Carter, but with a Fox attitude."
-- Homer Simpson, "Weekend at Burnsies"

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